Lifetime Access Current Spreadsheets

Lifetime Access is a one-time purchase that pays for itself very quickly! You will have access to all of the editable spreadsheets we currently offer and future ones as well. All spreadsheets works with Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers!

Advanced Calculators

  • Sublimation Pro – 1-8 Designs
  • Heat Transfer- Ready to Press
  • Heat Transfer- Inkjet and Laser
  • Decal Vinyl Pro- 1 to 10 Designs
  • HTV Pro- 1-10 Designs

Tumbler Calculators

  • Epoxy With Vinyl
  • Permanent Vinyl
  • Tumbler Sublimation – (Oven)


  • Vinyl Inventory Control
  • Vinyl Decal Pricing Matrix
  • Craft Show Calculator

Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • HTV 2 Color Design Products
  • HTV 3 Color Design Products
  • HTV 4 Color Design Products
  • T-Shirts Single Color Design
  • Hoodies Single Color Design
  • Koozies Single Color Design
  • Hats Single Color Design
  • Yoga Mat Single Color Design

Decal Calculators

  • Basic Decals
  • Store Front Decals
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Wall Decals
  • Single Design- Single Product
  • Single Design- Bulk Product

Heat Transfer Calculators

  • Gang Sheet- Ordered
  • Heat Transfer Sheet Cost (Vendor)
  • Home Printer- Ink Usage Only
  • Heat Transfer One Design- Ordered
  • Heat Transfer Two Design- Ordered
  • Heat Transfer Advanced
  • Heat Transfer Inkjet & Laser

Sublimation Calculators

  • T-Shirt Sublimation
  • Hoodies Sublimation
  • Phone Cases Sublimation
  • Mug Sublimation
  • Bag and Tote Sublimation
  • Key Chains or Tags Sublimation
  • Coaster Sublimation
  • Magnet Sublimation
  • Photo Tiles Sublimation
  • License Plate Sublimation
  • Print Cost With Contouring
  • Print Cost- Ink and Paper
  • Print Cost Advanced

Rhinestone Calculators

  • Cost Per Rhinestone
  • Rhinestone Design Cost

Production Calculators

  • Cycle Time Calculator
  • Production Time Needed
  • How Many Products
  • Labor Cost- Single Person
  • Labor Cost- Multiple Workers

Resin Calculators

  • Resin Amount- Square or Rectangle
  • Resin Amount- Circular and Round
  • Resin Cost- Circular and Round

Candle Calculators

  • How Many Candles Can I Make
  • Calculate Fragrance Oil Usage
  • Calculate Fragrance Load
  • Candle Production Cost Calculator

Beaded Jewelry Calculators

  • Chord Cost
  • How Many Chords Can I Cut
  • Single Bead Design Cost
  • Two Bead Design Cost
  • One Bead Design Bracelet or Necklace
  • Two Bead Design Bracelet or Necklace
  • Three Bead Design Bracelet or Necklace

How Much to Charge

  • Wholesale and Retail Cost
  • Design and Setup Time Cost
  • Margin Calculator
  • Markup Calculator
  • Discount-Discount Amount
  • Discount-List Price
  • Discount-Sales Price

Material Calculators

  • Single Vinyl Design Cost
  • How Many Vinyl Designs Can I Cut
  • Vinyl Material Cost Estimator

Conversion Calculators

  • Unit Conversions- Millimeters
  • Unit Conversions- Centimeters
  • Unit Conversions- Inches
  • Unit Conversions- Yards
  • Unit Conversions- Grams
  • Unit Conversions-Kilograms
  • Unit Conversions-Ounces
  • Unit Conversions- Pounds