List of Current Web-Apps

We have a list of our powerful Web-App calculators that is constantly expanding. You can access these for free with your Free account and there’s no need to provide any payment information!

Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • T-Shirts Single Color Design
  • Hoodies Single Color Design
  • Koozies Single Color Design
  • Hats Single Color Design
  • Yoga Mat Single Color Design

Decal Calculators

  • Basic Decals
  • Store Front Decals
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Wall Decals
  • Single Design- Single Product
  • Single Design- Bulk Product

Heat Transfer Calculators

  • Gang Sheet- Ordered
  • Heat Transfer Sheet Cost (Vendor)
  • Home Printer- Ink Usage Only
  • Heat Transfer One Design- Ordered
  • Heat Transfer Two Design- Ordered
  • Heat Transfer Advanced
  • Heat Transfer Inkjet & Laser

Sublimation Calculators

  • T-Shirt Sublimation
  • Hoodies Sublimation
  • Phone Cases Sublimation
  • Mug Sublimation
  • Bag and Tote Sublimation
  • Key Chains or Tags Sublimation
  • Coaster Sublimation
  • Magnet Sublimation
  • Photo Tiles Sublimation
  • License Plate Sublimation
  • Print Cost With Contouring
  • Print Cost- Ink and Paper
  • Print Cost Advanced

Rhinestone Calculators

  • Cost Per Rhinestone
  • Rhinestone Design Cost

Production Calculators

  • Cycle Time Calculator
  • Production Time Needed
  • How Many Products
  • Labor Cost- Single Person
  • Labor Cost- Multiple Workers

Resin Calculators

  • Resin Amount- Square or Rectangle
  • Resin Amount- Circular and Round
  • Resin Cost- Circular and Round

Candle Calculators

  • How Many Candles Can I Make
  • Calculate Fragrance Oil Usage
  • Calculate Fragrance Load
  • Candle Production Cost Calculator

Beaded Jewelry Calculators

  • Chord Cost
  • How Many Chords Can I Cut
  • Single Bead Design Cost

How Much to Charge

  • Wholesale and Retail Cost
  • Design and Setup Time Cost
  • Margin Calculator
  • Markup Calculator
  • Discount-Discount Amount
  • Discount-List Price
  • Discount-Sales Price

Material Calculators

  • Single Vinyl Design Cost
  • How Many Vinyl Designs Can I Cut
  • Vinyl Material Cost Estimator

Conversion Calculators

  • Unit Conversions- Millimeters
  • Unit Conversions- Centimeters
  • Unit Conversions- Inches
  • Unit Conversions- Yards
  • Unit Conversions- Grams
  • Unit Conversions-Kilograms
  • Unit Conversions-Ounces
  • Unit Conversions- Pounds