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Our effective Web-App calculators will help you price your HTV, Sublimation, Heat Transfer, Decals, Beaded Jewelry, and Candle products so you can start pricing more professionally!
Pricing is the single most powerful factor raising or lowering profit, Think about it…
  • Price your products to high, and you loose sales to your competitors.
  • Price your products to low, and you are missing out on potential profits.
  • Take to long to give a quote and your competitor might beat you to the punch.
Why Craft Calculators?
Who Uses?
  • Etsy Shop Owners
  • Custom T-Shirt Businesses
  • Custom Decal Businesses
  • Candle Makers
  • Bead Crafters
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We created powerful Calculator Web-Apps to help you get your cost to make, retail, and wholesale pricing.
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You can access our platform on almost any device. You will always have access to get your pricing right!
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Our 60+ Web-Apps will take the guess work out, and give you the ability to price products efficiently and effectively.

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Try This Web-App

This powerful Web-App will give you an estimate on how many designs will fit on any given size sheet of vinyl material. Have you ever wanted to easily find out how many designs you can fit on a particular size sheet of vinyl? Now you can with confidence!

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How Many Vinyl Designs Can I Cut

How Many Designs Can You Cut

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Get your cost to make, retail, and wholesale pricing for your HTV, Sublimation, Heat Transfer, Adhesive Vinyl, and Beaded Jewelry products. Get Access to 60+ Powerful Web-App Calculators that will transform your pricing?