Finally Take the Guesswork out of Pricing

Get Personalized Calculators..

We can help fine-tune your pricing and maximize your craft production with our personalized calculator service. We will analyze your Craft business and look for potential opportunities to lower your production cost and increase your profits. You’ll get custom calculators tailored towards your direct business needs.

What Custom Calculators are Included...

Your new calculator spreadsheets will be editable and easy to use.

1. Determine Your Production Capacity
The maximum amount of output that can be achieved in production of your products. (Know what you can produce)
2. Lead Time
The time between the initiation and completion of a production process. (Not including shipping to customers)
3. Production Calculator
We will get your production information and your request to come up with the best Production Calculator for your business.
4. Pricing Calculator
You will get a custom pricing calculator fitted towards your business. One location for markup and discount calculations based on your product pricing info.

These spreadsheets work with Google Sheets, Excel or Numbers. You will also get 1 Year support for your custom calculators.

How Does it Works?

Gather Your Info
You'll start by completing a survey after purchase. We will also reach out via email if we have any additional questions.
Create Your Package
You will get the best of everything with this ultimate package. You'll be able to start maximizing your craft business right away!
You will receive a slew of custom calculators along with 1 year email support. Please allow up to 3 business days for completion.
Heat Transfer Vinyl
Personalized HTV Calculators