Craft Selling Price Calculator


The crafts pricing calculator is ideal for general crafts, providing an advantage in determining the prices of your crafts.


This spreadsheet is a comprehensive tool for accurately determining your production cost, wholesale pricing, and retail pricing. It is specifically designed for general crafts and covers the following categories:

  • Production Cost: This category includes pre-production labor rates as well as design and setup times.
  • Material Cost: You can easily track material costs for any quantity of a material used in a product or for any amount of liquid used in a product.
  • Labor Cost: The spreadsheet enables you to track and allocate labor for multiple people. You can change the labor rate and time on a project as needed, making it particularly useful for complex projects.
  • Packing Cost: You can obtain a quotation for the cost of packaging your product or project. You can enter information about items you need to include such as wrapping paper and business cards.

The spreadsheet is fully customizable and can be downloaded instantly. It works seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers.


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