SMART! Single Color Vinyl Decal Pricing Chart
Forget the Useless Vinyl Decal Pricing Charts! Ours Rocks!

FACT! The popular pricing charts for Vinyl Decals are total crap! Why? They do not give your true cost to make cost. Seems like someone just used the “Good ole fashion length + width” trick.

Our Solution

SMART! Single Color Vinyl Decal Pricing Chart

How Does It Work? Ever wanted to create your own Single Color Vinyl Decal pricing cheat sheet? This calculator will allow you to enter valuable data and automatically create a cost to make pricing matrix that will allow you to get your pricing easily. Very powerful tool!

Input Your Data Easily!

STEP 1. Input your data. Unlike the other pricing sheets, our calculators will give an accurate cost to make pricing within the pricing chart because the prices are based on your actual data. Data input includes:

  • Amount of Decals to make
  • Vinyl Cost
  • Vinyl Transfer Paper Cost
  • Labor Wage
  • Design Time
  • Total Production Time

Pricing Matrix

STEP 2. After you input data, the calculator will automatically calculate your cost to make within a matrix. The numbers on the top and sides represents your product dimensions. Easily look at the size you need and get your cost to make price.

Get a Handle on Your Decal Pricing!


Bonus! Wholesale and Retail Pricing Calculator!