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We’ve created powerful spreadsheet bundles for serious crafters and businesses that will allow you to maximize your profits by setting a solid price based on material and production data. Simply powerful, and it will save you time and headaches! 100% editable spreadsheets that works with Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers. Instant digital download after purchase. 

FREE Starter Bundle | Retail-Wholesale | Design Setup Cost

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Wholesale and Retail Calculator

The calculator will give you suggested wholesale and retail pricing based off your product cost. You can input the multiplier as well as choose what percentage to markup for a more profitable outcome!

Design and Setup Time Cost

Get your design and setup costs with just a few clicks! This calculator is perfect for those of us who need to give quotes. It’s based off the hourly wage you want, making it simple yet powerful – great tool that can be used anytime anywhere.

Works with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers. Download Immediately after purchase.

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