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We’ve created powerful spreadsheet bundles for serious crafters and businesses that will allow you to maximize your profits by setting a solid price based on material and production data. Simply powerful, and it will save you time and headaches! 100% editable spreadsheets that works with Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers. Instant digital download after purchase. 

HTV Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet Bundle

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Advanced HTV Vinyl Pro

Easily get your cost to make, retail, and wholesale pricing for up to 10 HTV Vinyl designs. That’s correct! Your design can have up to 10 different vinyl designs and our calculators will easily calculate your pricing.

  • Garment / Substrate Pricing Matrix (Input Quantity and Price)
  • Artwork Design
  • Prep Cost
  • Set Hourly Rates
  • Amount of Each Design to Press
  • Plotting
  • Weeding
  • Pressing
  • Packing
  • Shop Overhead
  • Retail Markup

HTV Single Color Design Calculator

The HTV Single Color Design Calculator will give you a cost to make for a single color-vinyl product or project. This calculator can be used for any type of merchandise that you can apply Heat Transfer Vinyl to. The calculator will give you an accurate estimate and will benefit your business tremendously.

Vinyl Material Cost Estimator

Get your cost of the design per given material price and design size. This calculator does not include labor cost.

Works with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers. Download Immediately after purchase.

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