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Our effective Web-App Calculators and Editable Spreadsheets will help you price simple to complex projects and products with ease.
Who Uses Our Platform?

Apparel Makers
Create products with Heat Transfer Vinyl, Sublimation, or Heat Transfers.
Decal Makers
Create custom adhesive vinyl decals and sticker products. How to price my decals.
Candle Makers
Manufacture custom candle and wax related products.
Jewelry Makers
Great for Makers who create custom beaded bracelets or necklaces?
Resin Makers
Great for Makers who create resin based products.
Tumbler Makers
Great for Makers who create custom Tumbler products.
is that people are guessing their product and project prices.... YOU ARE PRICE GUESSING IF YOU...

Ask Groups how much to charge.

Example: “How much should I charge for 53, two color designs crewcut shirts?”

Price base off the latest trends.

Example: ” My prices are 1 color design $20.00 and 2 color design $25.00 no matter what.”

This is the perfect way for your "business" to remain a hobby!

What's Our Solution?

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Full Access
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With Our Platform You Can Get:
Your cost to make pricing
Know how much it cost to produce your custom product
Retail and wholesale pricing
Easily get your retail and wholesale cost
Material usage calculations
Easily calculate how much material you need for each project
Editable spreadsheet downloads
Each Web-App has an editable spreadsheet version
Some Key Elements in Calculations.
Material Cost
Cost of your raw materials.
Labor Rate
How much you charge per hour.
Design Time
Time it takes to design and set up project.
Plotting Time
Time it takes to plot project.
Ink Cost
Cost of your raw materials.
Contouring Time
Time it takes to Contour project.
Pressing Time
Time it takes to Press project.
Plus Tons More
Plus so many more factors.

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Editable Spreadsheet Downloads
If you like using our Free Web-Apps, Lifetime Pro will all you to download the editable spreadsheet version that works with Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers.
Bonus! SVG Download
Includes instant download to a database of editable SVG designs of many categories. File formats includes .svg, .dxf, .pdf, .ai, .eps, and .png. Currently over 120 Designs.

Start Pricing Your Products and Projects More Professionally!