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Gain access Lifetime Access to our Web-App calculators and downloadable editable spreadsheets which provide detailed cost to make pricing, retail and wholesale pricing, material estimation, and labor cost analysis. Join now and start pricing like a pro to boost your profits and elevate your business to the next level.

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Unlock lifetime access to our entire collection of 100+ editable spreadsheets, including all future releases. Our spreadsheets are compatible with Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers, and are fully customizable to fit your unique needs.

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Since some calculators are too complex for a Web-App, we’ve developed powerful editable spreadsheets for your convenience. With Lifetime Access, you’ll be able to access all current and future spreadsheets and bundles.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your business with Lifetime Access to our Premium Web-Apps and Editable Spreadsheets. Purchase once and enjoy continuous updates and new releases.

How to use our Pricing Web-Apps

With our Web-Apps, you can access our powerful calculators from any desktop or mobile device, making it easy to calculate on-the-go. Take control of your pricing and ensure you’re not getting ripped off when charging clients.

Get your cost to make.
Calculate your custom product costs accurately with our production cost calculators.
Get your suggested pricing.
Boost pricing strategy with our retail and wholesale pricing calculators.
Download your results.
Get your calculations in a downloadable PDF format.

Try This Calculator Web-App

Our collection of calculators also includes material estimation, labor, pre-production, and various sales calculators. Try our “Production Time Needed” calculator to determine exactly how much time you’ll need to complete an order, and download the editable spreadsheet for free!

Two columns

Production Time Needed

Production Time Summary

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Download the editable spreadsheet version of our Web-App instantly and enjoy seamless compatibility with Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers. Take control of your pricing and maximize your profits like never before!

Our Platform was Designed For...


Custom Apparel

Access Cost-to-Make, Retail, and Wholesale Pricing for a Range of Heat Transfer Vinyl, Sublimation, and Heat Transfer Products.

Vinyl Decals

Decal and Sticker Makers

Unlock Product Cost-to-Make, Retail, and Wholesale Pricing Suggestions, Material Usage and Ink Cost Estimations, and More.



Calculate Template Creation and Transfer Costs, as well as Production Costs, for Your Rhinestone Products. Plus More…

Tumbler Makers

Tumbler Makers

Unlock Cost-to-Make, Retail, and Wholesale Pricing for Tumbler Creation using Epoxy with Vinyl, Permanent Vinyl, and Sublimation.

Candle Makers

Candle Makers

Our powerful calculators will assist you in every step, from calculating fragrance load to overall candle production.

Jewelry Makers

Jewelry Makers

Receive material usage estimations for chords and bead designs, along with your cost to make, retail, and wholesale pricing for creating beaded jewelry.

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