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We recognize that some of our calculators require more computing power than can be accommodated by standard Web-Apps. That’s why we’ve created our exclusive line of advanced, downloadable calculators. These cutting-edge tools offer unparalleled capabilities that are simply too large and powerful to be contained within a Web-App. To access these advanced calculators, Lifetime Full Access membership is required.

Sublimation Pro

This calculator can handle up to 8 sublimation designs on one product.

Heat Transfer Pro- Ready-to-Press

Handle up to 5 heat transfer designs on one product.

Heat Transfer Pro- Inkjet and Laser

Handle up to 10 heat transfer designs on one product.

Adhesive Vinyl Pro-Decals

Cost to make for up to 10 adhesive designs on one product.

HTV Vinyl Pro

Cost to make for up to 10 HTV designs on one product.

Vinyl Inventory Control

Control up to 10 different colors along with 10 different jobs for each.

Tumbler- Epoxy with Vinyl

Get the cost for up to 5 vinyl designs on your Tumbler product.

Tumbler- Permanent Vinyl

Get the cost for up to 5 vinyl designs on your Tumbler product.

Tumbler- Oven Method

Sublimation Oven method for Tumblers.

Craft Show Calculator Spreadsheet

Calculate your Event fees and labor cost with ease.

Vinyl Decal Pricing Matrix- Single Color

Accurately calculate your Vinyl Decal cost to make within a matrix.

Craft Selling Price

Get cost to make, retail, and wholesale pricing for general craft products.


Rhinestone Pricing Calculator Kit

10 spreadsheets for pricing Rhinestone products.