Etsy and Website List Price Calculator

Introducing our innovative new tool, the Edible Spreadsheet, the ultimate solution for determining the perfect price for your craft products on Etsy and your website. With this customizable spreadsheet, you can easily calculate the ideal price to charge in order to earn your desired amount of money, taking into account checkout percentages and transaction fees for both platforms.

The Edible Spreadsheet is incredibly easy to use. Simply enter your desired earnings and all relevant transaction and listing fees for both Etsy and your website, and the calculator will automatically determine the suggested price to charge on each platform. For example, if you want to make $25 on your product, the spreadsheet will recommend charging $28.12 on Etsy and $26.41 on your website.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller, the Edible Spreadsheet is the perfect tool to help you optimize your pricing strategy and maximize your profits. And with its compatibility with Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers, you can easily customize the spreadsheet to meet your specific needs.

Don’t leave your pricing strategy to chance. Use the Edible Spreadsheet to take the guesswork out of pricing your products and start earning the money you deserve today!

Download Editable Spreadsheet

Editable Spreadsheets works with Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers. Get a Full Access Membership to download all current and future spreadsheets. Download the Editable Spreadsheet file below.