Advanced Heat Transfer Pro- Inkjet and Laser Calculator Spreadsheet

Elements used to calculate pricing:

  • Garment / Substrate Pricing Matrix (Input Quantity and Price)
  • Artwork Design
  • Prep Cost
  • Set Hourly Rates
  • Amount of Each Design to Press
  • Printing
  • Contouring
  • Pressing
  • Packing
  • Shop Overhead
  • Retail Markup

This Calculator is so advanced, we could not create a Web-App for it! This Calculator is for heat transfers printed by Inkjet or Laser Printer. Calculating ink cost can be very tricky but we made it simple for you to start maximizing profits. Remember, each calculator will give you cost to make, suggested retail, and wholesale pricing with production and pricing graphs automatically generated.

The main goal for this calculator is to determine your cost to make, retail, and wholesale price for heat transfers printed from a Inkjet or Laser printer and placed on products. Determining your ink usage is extremely difficult but we created this calculator to ease some of the tension. You can use this calculator for substrates that allows heat transfer with Inkjet or Laser ink.

After your cost to make is determined, the calculator will then give suggested retail cost and wholesale cost for the individual product and for the entire project. Powerful graphs will automatically populate to give you powerful insight on your production rate and profits. This calculator can handle up to 10 transfer designs on one product. We also included a packaging section that will allow add-ons to your product such as tags, business cards, sizing stickers, etc. Oh yeah! There is even a contouring section as well, just in case you need to contour cut. 100% Customizable. Instant Download. Works with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers


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