Craft Event Calculator
Know your cost and profits for your next Craft Show Event. Works with Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers!

How much do you really make at Craft Events? This editable spreadsheet will allow you to get pre and post event information that will help maximize your profits.

What's Included

Event Fees and Labor Calculations

STEP 1. Calculate your Event fees and labor cost with ease. Input your information and you will get your cost of operation per hour. We included 4 labor fields meaning you can calculate the cost of labor for up to 4 individuals.

Pre-Made Inventory Calculator

STEP 2. Calculate your Pre-Made calculator Inventory total. For whatever product you are selling, you can track your inventory and pricing. You can also track your sales and get how much you actually made.

Custom Order Calculator

STEP 3. Will you be pressing shirts or making decals? Will you be making custom orders on the spot? This calculator will keep track of your custom order details such as time, labor cost, and how much you made.

Total Summary

STEP 4. Get the run down on all your info on the spot. You will also get the total amount minus expenses on how you did for the event. This calculator is powerful tool.

Get a Handle on Your Craft Events!