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You’re just a few clicks away from having your own Craft Business on the next level! Our Free Web-Apps are powerful, but our Editable Spreadsheets will take you there. Full Access Plans give instant access to Download all current and future editable spreadsheet that works with Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers!

60% Off
1 Year Full Access


Web-Apps + Spreadsheets
"1 Year Access to current and future Spreadsheets!
  • 1 Year Access
  • 100+ Web-App Calculators
  • 80+ Basic Spreadsheets
  • 8 Advanced Spreadsheets
  • One Time Payment
60% Off
Lifetime Full Access


Web-Apps + Spreadsheets
"Lifetime Access to current and future Spreadsheets!
  • Lifetime Access
  • 100+ Web-App Calculators
  • 80+ Basic Spreadsheets
  • 8 Advanced Spreadsheets
  • BONUS! SVG Database
  • One Time Payment

Questions? Answers.

Is Craft Calculators a Software?

Craft Calculators is not a software. Once you get access, you will be directed to a dashboard to access content. You can access content at anytime on almost any device.

Is Full Access Worth the Money?

Depends! If you value your Craft Products and want to maximize your pricing even more, then Definitely Yes! If you don’t like spending money on tools for your business, then No!

What is a Web-App?

A Web-App is an application that runs from a server and not your computer. In other words, we host the calculator applications that you can access on your browser.

How Can I Download Spreadsheets?

Under each Web-App, there is an option to download the editable spreadsheet version. In order to download the spreadsheet, you must have a “Full Access” plan.

Is Lifetime Access Really One Payment

Yes! You pay only one time to access all current and future “Full Access” features.

What Does Full Access Includes?

You will have access to all current and future Web-Apps, editable spreadsheet version of Web-Apps, advanced spreadsheets, and the SVG database. Plus all future “Full Access” features.

What Software will Spreadsheets Work with?

You can use and edit spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers.

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