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Vinyl Material Calculators

How Many Designs Can I Cut
How Much Is My Single Vinyl Design
Vinyl Material Cost Estimator


Sublimation- Bulk Mask Cost (Simple)
Sublimation- Mask Cost Single
Sublimation- Print Cost Advanced
Sublimation- Print Cost Ink and Paper
Sublimation- Print with Contour Cutting

HTV- Heat Transfer Vinyl

HTV Single Design Bulk Mask Cost (Simple)
HTV Single Mask Cost (Simple)
HTV Single Design Single Press Bulk Order
HTV Single Design Single Press
HTV 2 Design Bulk Order
HTV 3 Design Bulk Order
HTV 4 Design Bulk Order


Decal on Single Merchandise
Decal Merchandise Bulk
Decal Installation Calculator
Single Decal One Design
Single Decal One Design Bulk Order

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer- Gang Sheet Single Design Cost
Heat Transfer One Design Sourced
Heat Transfer Two Design Sourced
Heat Transfer Three Design Sourced
Heat Transfer Sheet Cost

Business Calculators

Wholesale and Retail Calculator
Markup Generator
Margin Calculator
Labor Calculator-Single Person
Labor Calculator-Multiple Workers
Discount Calculator- Discount Amount
Discount Calculator- List Price
Discount Calculator- Sales Price

Advanced Calculators

Decal Pro-1-10 Designs Calculator
HTV Vinyl Pro 1-10 Designs Calculator
Heat Transfer-Inkjet and Laser Printer 1-8 Designs Calculator
Purchased Heat Transfer Pro Pricing Calculator
Sublimation Pro 1-8 Designs Calculator

Beaded Jewelry

Chord Cost Calculator
How Many Chords Can I Cut
Single Bead Design Cost
Single Bead Bracelet Cost Bulk
Single Bead Bracelet Cost One Bracelet
One Bead Design Bracelet Necklace
Two Bead Design Bracelet Necklace
Two Bead Design Cost
Three Bead Design Bracelet Necklace
Three Bead Design Cost

Candle Making

Calculate Fragrance Load
Candle Cost Calculator
How Many Candles Can I Make
How Much Fragrance Oil Should I Use

Units Conversions


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