Vinyl Inventory Control


Do you find yourself constantly running out of vinyl material? Worry no more! We’ve developed a simple and user-friendly editable calculator that helps you keep track of your vinyl inventory. With this tool, you can easily monitor your vinyl stock and avoid the hassle of running out of materials mid-project.


Take charge of your material inventory and cost tracking with our comprehensive tool that lets you manage up to 10 different colors and 10 different jobs for each color. For instance, if you’ve purchased a 5-yard vinyl roll, you can input the purchase information and size to calculate the cost per square inch. You can then utilize the same roll to complete eight different jobs by entering the job details, such as the amount of material used. The sheet will automatically calculate the total material used, cost of material used, and the remaining material from the roll. This tool is incredibly powerful and 100% customizable to meet your specific business needs. Plus, it’s available for instant download and works with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers. Elements used to calculate pricing:

  • Material Size
  • Material Cost
  • Design Size
  • Plus More

Features: 1. Control up to 10 Vinyl colors 2. Control up to 10 jobs per color 3. Get material cost for each job 4. Get how much material is left after each job 5. 100% Editable (Modify if you want)