T-Shirt & Decal Bundle

12 Spreadsheets

Change your crafting business with our personalized package! No matter if you require custom vinyl t-shirts or pricing for adhesive decals, we've got you covered. Prepare to elevate your business to the next level. Place your order now!

Turn Your Crafting Into a Business

If you’re a Crafter aiming to boost your profits, the HTV & Decal Spreadsheet Bundle is a must-have tool. This bundle includes 12 editable calculators that allow you to optimize your prices in a professional and effortless way, all with just one purchase! These calculators are compatible with Google Sheets, Excel, and Numbers. You can download the bundle immediately after purchasing it in a .zip format.

  • You can set your retail prices higher because you know what it cost to make.
  • Calculators are editable so you can customize them for your business
  • Know how much profit you’re making on each product.
  • Increase the value of your products by knowing their true worth
  • Get material estimation cost with ease.

Compatible With:

The 12 Editable Spreadsheets!

Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • HTV Pro- 1-10 Designs
  • HTV 2 Color Design Products
  • HTV 3 Color Design Products
  • HTV 4 Color Design Products

Decal Calculators

  • Decal Vinyl Pro- 1 to 10 Designs
  • Single Design- Bulk Product
  • Adhesive Decal Installation

BONUS Calculators

  • Single Vinyl Design Cost
  • How Many Vinyl Designs Can I Cut
  • Vinyl Material Cost Estimator
  • Wholesale and Retail Cost
  • Design and Setup Time Cost

A Couple Spreadsheet In Action

Download Directly after Purchase

What Our Clients Are Saying!

That’s right! Our spreadsheets are still available for purchase on Etsy. The exciting news is that our store’s success has led us to create our own website, enabling us to offer even more benefits and lower prices, including bundle deals.