Free Calculators

We’ve carefully selected 23 calculators to help you experience the capabilities of our Web-Apps. And with our Full Access, you’ll be able to enjoy more than 93 Web-Apps and even download over 100 editable spreadsheets. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

How Many Designs Can I Cut

Estimate how many vinyl designs will fit on any size sheet of vinyl.

Vinyl Material Cost Estimator

Get your cost per design for any Vinyl project.

Basic Decal- Single Color

Get cost to make for multiple single color basic Decals.

T-Shirts- Sublimation

Cost to make for single Sublimation design on T-Shirts.

Gang Sheet-One Design

Get the cost of a single design from a Heat Transfer Gang Sheet.

Heat Transfer Sheet Cost

Single sheet cost when ordering Heat Transfers from a supplier.

Candle Production Estimator

Calculate how many Candles you can make.

Fragrance Oil Needed

Calculate how much fragrance oil is needed.

Chord Cost

Cost of chords from a given amount of spool.

How Many Chords

Calculate how many chords you can cut from a given amount of material such as a spool.

Wholesale-Retail Calculators

Get wholesale and retail pricing based off your product cost.

Design and Setup Time Cost

Get your design and setup costs with just a few clicks!

Cycle Time Calculator

Calculate your work load and give more accurate lead-times. 

Production Time Needed

Easily figure out how many hours of work is needed for your project.

Unit Conversion- Yards

Convert yards to inches, feet, and centimeters.

Unit Conversion- Centimeter

Convert centimeters to yards, feet, and Inches easily.

Unit Conversion- Millimeters

Convert millimeters to yards, feet, inches, and centimeters.

Unit Conversion- Inches

Convert inches to yards, feet, and centimeters.

Unit Conversion- Grams

Convert grams to ounces, kilograms, and pounds.

Unit Conversion- Kilograms

Convert kilograms to ounces, grams, and pounds.

Unit Conversion- Pounds

Convert grams to pounds to kilograms, grams, and ounces.

Unit Conversion- Ounces

Convert ounces to kilograms, grams, and pounds.